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Interview paracanoeist
Felix Höfner

With his great goal in mind, the 2014 Paralympics, the exceptional young sportsman Felix Höfer has also taken his first steps in his professional career. He recently completed a one-week internship at REINHOLD KELLER and was assigned to several departments such as purchasing, logistics and customs.

During the focused time we share with him, we of course did not miss the opportunity to get a brief interview with him. As expected, he provided responses to our questions in his usual professional manner.

RK: Felix, how did it happen that you became such a dedicated canoeist?

Felix: When I watched the holiday games in Kleinheubach in 2013, I found canoeing very appealing and I thought to myself, I’d like to give it a try. I then started canoeing from that point. After about four weeks, I took part in my first regatta and won several gold medals.

RK: So you were virtually born to be a canoeist. But it also certainly involves some tough training. What does a typical training week look like for you?

Felix: I usually train seven days a week, in which I alternate between sessions on water, weight training and physiotherapy. For me, it has become a full-time hobby.


RK: And how do you manage to accommodate this time-consuming hobby and your schoolwork?

Felix: Here I can say one thing quite honestly: school always takes priority. I always take time for my studies. At regattas, I even study between races. I don’t neglect my schoolwork under any circumstances. To manage my hobby and school at the same time, I simply need to organize things appropriately and act consistently.

RK: Your plans also include the 2021 World Championships in Hong Kong, the 2023 World Cup in Brazil and the 2024 Paralympics in France. How do you manage to motivate yourself to achieve maximum performance time and again?

Felix: If you really want something, you always stick with it and remain very disciplined. I don’t need to be motivated directly because I simply have it inside me already. Even if I have to really torture myself, I stay on the ball plus I’m motivated by other canoeists at the training camp to always give everything I have.

RK: You’ve already collected a few medals. Which of your many awards have you been most proud of?

Felix: I was the Bavarian champion runner-up over 200m in Neuburg on the Danube in 2016 and in Ansbach in 2018. I’m very proud of those. In my opinion, they were the best medals I’ve ever won.

RK: Now you’ve been with us for a week and were able to take a look behind the scenes. How did you like being an intern at REINHOLD KELLER?

Felix: I found the internship week at REINHOLD KELLER a very positive experience. I got to know some interesting departments here, such as purchasing, logistics and customs, which meant the week was full of variety. The staff members, supervisors – simply everyone – at REINHOLD KELLER are very friendly, good co-workers and almost family. I was able to learn quite a few things during the week and gain some new experiences and impressions.

RK: We feel the same way about you. Thanks, Felix, for your efforts. We’re extremely proud to be able to welcome you as an exceptional talent from our region, and specifically from Kleinheubach, to our team. Our doors are always open.

REINHOLD KELLER wishes Felix good luck and success in his career. Our support for him is always assured.

True to the spirit of: from our region – for our region in Bavaria’s Lower Main.

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