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From the Workbench
to New Perspectives


Training and Career

“What should I do after graduating from school?” Many young people face the choice: vocational training or college? Vocational training is still underestimated, yet it opens many doors to diverse and successful career paths. Anna and Lukas from our #TEAMRK are two examples of this!

Starting with carpentry apprenticeships, they demonstrated how in-depth craftsmanship and further training as technicians can unlock numerous professional opportunities.


Interview Anna, Technician Training, REINHOLD KELLER

“HEY! I’m Anna, 28 years old, and my passion for craftsmanship brought me to REINHOLD KELLER over 10 years ago. I completed my apprenticeship as a carpenter here and later combined it with part-time technician training. When I’m not at work, you can find me on my motorcycle – it’s where I clear my mind!”


Interview Lukas, Technician Training, REINHOLD KELLER

“HI! I’m Lukas, 26 years old and I also did my apprenticeship as a carpenter at #TEAMRK 10 years ago. Together with Anna, I then successfully completed my technician part-time. In addition to my passion for craftsmanship, I love exploring new countries, skiing and enjoying good food!”


Anna and Lukas both shared an enthusiasm for crafts from an early age. “I still remember how I was the only one at school who looked forward to craft lessons,” says Anna with a smile. Her passion led her to the #TEAMRK, where her enthusiasm was not only shared, but also encouraged.

Lukas’ path seemed predetermined by his family’s tradition of craftsmanship. “My brother is also a carpenter and our grandfather worked as a parquet layer. I think craftsmanship is in our blood,” he explains. Lukas decided early on to continue this tradition. “If you master one trade, doors open to many others,” he adds with a laugh.

Kantenbearbeitung Schreinerei Handwerk REINHOLD KELLER


The decision to complete their training at REINHOLD KELLER was an easy one for both of them. “When I heard about the company’s own trainers and the in-house training workshop, I knew I was in good hands here,” says Anna. Lukas agrees and emphasizes the respect and support they receive as members of #TEAMRK: “You feel valued and supported at all times – I can still attest to that today!” Anna chats a little more from the sewing box: “I’m always proud to say that we are KELLER children. Even after more than 10 years, I’m still grateful to be part of this great team!”

Ausbildung, Todd, REINHOLD KELLER


After their apprenticeship, the duo decided to train together to become technicians. “Lukas was the one who motivated me,” says Anna. “After a few attempts at persuasion at our shared workbench, I thought to myself: if not now, then when?” Lukas had already planned to complete further training to become a technician before his apprenticeship, but was unsure whether he should do this full or part-time. “After many helpful discussions with colleagues, I finally decided to complete the technician part-time. It was definitely the right decision for me.”

Austausch zwischen Anna und Christoph | REINHOLD KELLER Group


The in-service training offered Anna and Lukas different experiences. “The balance between work and technician was often stressful and required a lot of organization and self-management. Unfortunately, social contacts also suffered as a result,” says Anna. Lukas, on the other hand, found the combination of earning and learning particularly beneficial: “The opportunity to continue receiving a full salary and gain practical experience at the same time was ideal. Despite stressful exam phases, it was worth the effort.” Anna agrees: “You always knew that the #TEAMRK had your back. It was clear to both of us that we wanted to stay there after our technician.”

Projektleitung | REINHOLD KELLER Group


Anna and Lukas bring their experience to their new roles at REINHOLD KELLER. Anna works in development and design and appreciates the direct link to production. “A trial day gave me an insight into the work processes, as I had no experience of a traditional office environment up to that point. After that, I was convinced that this area would suit me. The experience I gained from my carpentry training still helps me enormously today because I know every component by heart.”

Lukas, who now works as a project manager in the Quick Service Restaurants division, enjoys the variety of his tasks: “Every day brings new challenges, which motivates me and keeps my interest alive. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to go to customer meetings or to take measurements. I really enjoy getting out and interacting directly with customers,” he adds. His training as a carpenter is a constant support and helps him to manage the projects effectively and to understand the customer’s needs precisely.

Assistenz, Absprache | REINHOLD KELLER Group