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“Global Three-Legged Stool”
Award 2024

Award for

At the McDonald’s WorldWide Convention in Barcelona, franchisees, employees, and suppliers from around the globe were welcomed. This marks the first time the major event was held outside the United States. During the event, deserving suppliers from various countries were honored in ten different categories.

REINHOLD KELLER was nominated for three awards: “Global Supplier of the Year,” “Global Resiliency Award,” and the prestigious “Global Three-Legged Stool Award.” This nomination is a significant honor and validation for the family-owned business from Kleinheubach in Lower Franconia, which has been an “Approved Supplier” for the gastronomy giant since 1978. Competing against globally operating conglomerates, REINHOLD KELLER was awarded the distinguished “Global Three-Legged Stool Award.”

The award significantly highlights the crucial role REINHOLD KELLER plays as an interior contractor/general contractor for the McDonald’s system worldwide.

Christopher Bauer and Bobby Marinov

“We are very proud and delighted about this significant recognition,” said Christopher Bauer, who co-leads the family business with his sister Verena Bauer-Klappenberger into its sixth generation. “For the first time in the history of this award ceremony, a supplier from the construction/development sector like REINHOLD KELLER was honored with this award. This outstanding achievement would not have been possible without our #TEAMRK. Our thanks go to all employees who give their best every day to achieve such successes,” emphasized Bauer.

The vision of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s Corporation, is based on the philosophy of the three-legged stool, where the three legs represent the franchise partners, the supplier, and McDonald’s. All three parties must be equally strong; otherwise, the system will topple. This horizontal model has proven successful at McDonald’s and is often described as the secret to the success of the world’s largest franchise company, as it places the system first.

REINHOLD KELLER Booth at WW24 Barcelona