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Sustainability and



We not only bear a huge responsibility for our team and our projects but also for our planet and the next generations. We are very conscious of this obligation as a family business and stand for responsible interior fittings. There is a reason why we are certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. The topics of sustainability, energy and environment have been influencing our day-to-day actions for many years now and are very close to our heart. Our major objective is to be a totally carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient company.

All of our business processes are constantly monitored and continuously improved with respect to their environmental impact. For instance, our internal documentation creates transparency and provides the basis for analysis and optimization. The systematic use of our roofs for solar power generation is an integral part of our corporate architecture, likewise a carbon neutral wood chip heating system. We have gradually switched our forklift fleet to electric and the proportion of electric vehicles in our company fleet is growing tremendously. Furthermore, staff at our Kleinheubach headquarters have free charging posts at their disposal.

Thanks to our in-house production at the Kleinheubach site, we ensure short delivery routes and operate a sustainable sourcing policy in accordance with the standards of recognized certificates. We can be proud of our more than balanced climate footprint and will continue to intensify and drive forward our commitment in these areas.

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