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HEY! Thanks for stopping by. Our family business has been an expert partner for interior fittings around the world for over 145 years. The name REINHOLD KELLER is synonymous with superior quality and exclusive service. In our news section, we regularly report on our exciting everyday work in the project business, we present new ideas and innovations and also like to provide a deeper insight into individual projects.

We also take you with us to discover insights into our group of companies, report about our team or surprise you with information that you might not have expected. We hope you enjoy browsing and feel inspired!

Upcycling library Hardheim Seat stool Inside RK

Upcycling Hardheim Library

| Peter Anton, our product development manager who has worked for us for many years, has shown his craftsmanship in upcyling for the Hardheim community library.

Management changes: Dr. Henning Wagner (Managing Director), Christopher Bauer (Managing Director), Manfred Bauer (Chairman of the Advisory Board). Inside RK

Management change at REINHOLD KELLER

| Management change at REINHOLD KELLER

Marc Sieling, IRONMAN cycling, REINHOLD KELLER Group Inside RK

Our Ironman hero Marc

| Marc made it! After swimming 3.8 km, cycling 185 km and running 42.2 km, he crossed the finish line on August 15 at the Mainova IRONMAN Germany in Frankfurt as 77th in his class after exactly 10:53:00 hours.