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500 Euros for Kleinheubach
Animal Shelter


A Heart
for Animals

Under the motto “From the Region, For the Region” our trainees Dominik Bach, Johanna Walther, Luis Tartler, and Niklas Herrmann (Marketing) along with our Managing Partner Verena Bauer-Klappenberger recently donated 500 euros to the Kleinheubach Animal Shelter. This donation comes from the proceeds of our internal campaign “#TEAMRK hilft! Essen für den guten Zweck” through which we support local social institutions, clubs, and projects. The Kleinheubach Animal Shelter, just a stone’s throw from our headquarters, can use all the support it can get.

During an informative tour with Karin Bronnbauer, our team gained exciting insights into the daily operations, care, and feeding of the shelter residents. Despite the upcoming preparations for the open house on Saturday, June 22, 2024, Karin Bronnbauer took plenty of time for us.

The dedicated team at the animal shelter consists of seven staff members, including three full-time employees. The team is complemented by a caretaker responsible for maintenance and numerous volunteers. With a lot of dedication, they work daily to ensure all animals feel comfortable and are well taken care of. Unfortunately, there is often little time to give each animal full attention, as the main tasks involve keeping the facilities clean.

Animal shelter Keinheubach, Kangal Ronja

The shelter provides a temporary home for many animals: it currently houses 13 dogs, including guest dogs that are only there for a short time, as well as numerous kittens and adult cats. Baby rabbits with their mothers, two turtles, and six degus also live there.

Our colleagues from #TEAMRK were thrilled and would have loved to take all the animals home – AWW!

We are incredibly happy to be able to support this heartfelt project in our neighborhood and greatly appreciate the important work of the Kleinheubach Animal Shelter! Every donation, including grain-free food donations, is always warmly welcomed, as the shelter can use all the help it can get.

Animal shelter Keinheubach, cat mums and kittens

Furry friends at
Animal Shelter