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Sustainable Logistics



To further advance our sustainability goals, we have integrated a tugger train into our internal logistics operations for over four years. This system allows us to transport materials and workpieces efficiently and environmentally friendly within our company.

The tugger train travels 2 km daily on designated routes between production and logistics, making approximately 20 trips. This amounts to a total of 840 km per month, all powered entirely by electricity. The tugger train is operated using solar energy from our photovoltaic systems. This efficient transport solution significantly reduces the number of individual transports needed, lowers our energy consumption, and decreases our CO₂ emissions.

With the tugger train, we can move up to 300 workpieces per day, optimizing material flow and simplifying internal processes. This not only saves time and resources but also contributes to a safe and ergonomic work environment.

By consistently using the tugger train, we make an important contribution to reducing our environmental impact. We remain committed to implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to continuously improve our processes and fulfill our vision of being a green and responsible company.


Our fully electric route train makes our internal logistics efficient and environmentally friendly: It optimizes material flow and significantly reduces energy consumption and CO₂ emissions:
Ecological. Sustainable.

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