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Green Energy


Efficient Use of Photovoltaics

On the roofs of our company building, we convert sunlight into significant amounts of green electricity with a capacity of 1,900 kWp spread over 18,000 sqm of solar panels. In 2022, we generated 1,791,376 kWh of eco-friendly electricity, sufficient to power 600 households for a year with sustainable energy.

In the past, a considerable portion of the PV electricity produced was not used for our own needs but was fed into the public grid. To address this challenge, we have embarked on the construction of an internal ring circuit. This step is a crucial part of our sustainability strategy and allows us to reduce grid feed-in by 73% and maximize our own use of PV electricity.

Our goal is to become a CO² neutral and self-sufficient company, ensuring independence from external power supplies and resilience to the fluctuations of the energy market. A decisive step towards a green and self-determined future – in line with our motto: Ecological. Sustainable.

More Power

By using an internal ring circuit, we optimize the consumption of our self-generated solar power in a targeted manner, significantly increasing our own consumption and drastically reducing the need to feed energy into the public grid.

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