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Case Study


Digital, contactless check-in is becoming increasingly important for hotels, and not just because of the pandemic. For the V8 HOTEL in Cologne, we implemented the first of such projects customized according to the customer’s desires and ideas.


RK: Mr. Nickelsburg, digitalization is the most import issue for many industries. What are things like right now for the hotel industry compared to other markets?

MAURICE NICKELSBURG: Generally, the hotel industry is far behind the digitalization level that one would find in other industries. Let’s take the airline industry as an example. There, automated pre-check-in and check-in systems have already been completely implemented and accepted. In the current special situation, we have looked for digital solutions that our industry could use to optimize operational methods.

RK: So the COVID-19 pandemic was a critical point that prompted you to provide automatic check-in machines?

MAURICE NICKELSBURG: The Corona pandemic is presenting our entire industry with new challenges. It is part of what drives us to critically analyze and question established processes. An automatic check-in machine gives us a lot of options. For instance, it can be used during peaks to reduce guest waiting time and provide relief to our reception staff. We can thus offer our guests a choice of classic reception or a completely digitalized, contactless process that allows them to transact their stay on their own.

RK: What challenges did you faces with this project, especially with respect to the interface to your booking system?

MAURICE NICKELSBURG: There are probably challenges with any project of this kind. We decided to go with an automatic check-in machine while we were transitioning to the SIHOT hotel management system. Since we had decided against a “plug-and-play” model and had designed our own automatic machine with our partners, close cooperation and good collaboration were critical to successful implementation.

SIHOT gave us optimum support during implementation, and its software is an outstanding solution for kiosk users. This solution is tailored to our location and was created jointly, so the challenges were met very effectively.

If we had to choose one challenge that was particularly tough, it would be coordination with the trades – Concardis/payment provider, ASSA ABLOY/door closing system, Nexcon IT/IT hardware, SIHOT/hotel property management, and REINHOLD KELLER. It was a new challenge for everyone involved, since no one had much previous experience with this sort of project.

The automatic check-in machine with its contactless check-in and check-out offers our guests optimum flexibility.

RK: Looking back, what was the greatest added value in collaborating with REINHOLD KELLER?

MAURICE NICKELSBURG: It’s hard to specify one thing that we liked the most. It was the sum of the individual development steps. The positives range from joint design planning with outstanding results to an intensive exchange of ideas and RK’s detailed preparation that resulted in smooth, professional installation. We were ultimately satisfied with the overall product, which is impressive because of its high quality, modern design, and well-thought-out functionality for our hotel and for the end customer. I want to emphasize once again that we always felt that a final result that was successful in all its aspects was the focus and that everyone involved was investing creativity, dedication, and initiative to achieve the best possible result.

Feedback from our guests confirms this – it has been completely and consistently positive. In retrospect, we can only emphasize once again that you were the best possible partner for this project.


We are, of course, very pleased with the positive feedback and we would like to thank you for the great collaboration, Mr. Nickelsburg. We were happy to accept the challenge, and we are very pleased with the result.

V8 Hotel - Lobby

Experience Mobility. Overnight.

Located directly on the premises of the historic Cologne Butzweilerhof Airport, the V8 HOTEL is part of Motorworld Köln-Rheinland. The entire hotel is built around a “movement on land and by air” theme that includes unorthodox concepts of space. It features Car suites, themed rooms, and designer rooms – just what motor sports fans and car lovers enjoy.

The hotel premises with its 112 rooms border directly on the old hangar and the historic airport reception room. In front of the car suites is the 70-year-old airfield, which is protected as a historic landmark. The old hangars house the “Michael Schumacher Private Collection” and large and small event and exhibition venues.

The exclusive, extra-long lobby bar, a pleasant summer terrace, a multifaceted library, and a gym located in the hotel offer relaxation and stimulus that make for an unforgettable stay. Impressive event and meeting rooms make this an exceptional location for business events. The V8 HOTEL in Cologne offers its guests a truly immersive experience.

V8 Hotel - Checkin Automat

Ascend Hotel Collection
Butzweilerstraße 35-39
50829 Cologne

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